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About Vivacity Fitness - Our Instructors

Kassy Bouchard, CSEP-CPT, B.Sc Kinesiology
Personal Trainer, Kassy Bouchard, has a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology and Applied Health from the University of Winnipeg. She is also certified through the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiologists (CSEP) as a CPT (Certified Personal Trainer) and has valid Emergency First Aid/CPR C from St. John's Ambulance. Kassy has also become a certified instructor in Aerial Yoga, BellyFit and Zumba, and has completed the 200hr Yoga Teacher Training through Source Yoga.

Kassy became passionate about sports at a young age. She tried everything from basketball to badminton, but her true love became hockey. It is that love of exercise, competition and breaking into a sweat that has fuelled her interest for a career in personal training. She is excited to share that love with her clients and motivate them to set a goal and reach it by providing safe and effective workouts and support and motivation along the way.

Kassy specializes in weight loss, muscle mass development and marathon preparation. Kassy has completed 5 Triathlons and over 20 marathons (distance ranging from 5k to 26.2 miles). She looks forward to sharing that experience with her clients and helping them challenge their own limits.


Colleen Braun, RYT 200
Colleen's first yoga experience was after a sweaty gym class where feeling the seeds of relief in achy joints and muscles and a great sense of relaxation brought a desire to explore yoga more in depth. After dabbling with a few different classes, she ended up at Source Yoga Studios where she learned the value of movement and expression while focusing on the breath and was hooked. After several years of practicing at Source, Colleen found a new home at the Winnipeg Yoga Shala practicing Mysore-style Ashtanga yoga There she learned the value of repeating poses day after day and how much life and time on the mat echo each other, sometimes feeling like slogging through mud and other times feeling free, open, and ready to take on that elusive "next pose".

Completing her first yoga teacher training at Source Yoga Studios in Winnipeg in 2009, Colleen furthered her personal studies in Ashtanga by completing a year-long teacher training at the Shala in 2011. Colleen has a keen understanding that people come to yoga from different perspectives. Some want a workout, some want to increase flexibility, some just want to lay back on a pillow because it's the only chance they get to relax in their crazy week. Her practice has led her to realize that the yoga will seep into your life from your mat right up into your heart. Colleen is grateful to her friends who introduced her to yoga and teachers who have been instrumental in facilitating this journey, Dillon Cherrett, Liane Cherrett, Jonathan Austman, and those I practice with.

All are welcome for any reason at any time and if you find a little more space to breath in your life - mission accomplished!


Monika Dowswell, 200 RYT
Monika is a certified yoga teacher (200hr Yoga Centre Winnipeg) who knew prior to her recent retirement from the business world, that she wanted to share her love of yoga and its many benefits with her community. She has practiced yoga for over fifteen years with experienced instructors and has attended various yoga workshops and weekend retreats to further her knowledge of yoga. Monika feels that yoga, no matter what your age, can enhance your life. She looks forward to sharing her knowledge and love of yoga with you.


Kimberly Keats, D.C, CSEP-CPT


Linda Klassen, MFC Fitness Theory, Certified Pole Dance Instructor
Linda is a mother of two and enjoys walking, playing sports, listening to music, but most of all dancing. After having her children, she experienced a concerning depression and found herself very insecure of body and soul. After a while she knew she had to do something about it. This brought Linda to dancing. When Linda was introduced with pole dancing she couldn’t help but to misjudge the theory of it all. Linda remembered watching Oprah a year prior while promoting pole dancing and how great a workout it is for a woman to do. Since then Linda discovered not only was it a fun way to work out, it has been such an amazing journey, learning about her body and confidence she never thought she had before.

MFC certified, pole dancing for fitness has been a part of Linda's life for 6 years. Linda took classes part time for 4 years before she became an instructor. Linda took an instructor course through Divas on the Loose and has been teaching for 2 years.


Tasha Konkin, MFC Yoga Fit Flow Instructor
For Tasha, Yoga has brought a sense of balance and a deeper connection within herself. Tasha has been practicing yoga on and off since she was 16. Her passion for yoga started to grow at 22, right before her health took a turn for the worse. Yoga has been a key element in helping Tasha heal from chronic illnes - allowing her to learn something new about herself with each practice. It taught her to be patient, to accept her body in the present moment, and to just breathe. Yoga has brought Tasha peace and flexibility. Making her yoga practice a regular part of life and sharing her passion for it with others is important for Tasha to find the right balance. Tasha hopes to share her love of yoga with others wherever they are in their journey - hoping that others find her classes to offer grounding, balance, and flexibility.

Tasha is a MFC certified yoga instructor and a student of Kinesiology. Tasha likes to indulge in her creative side as a certified Makeup Artist.Tasha loves to cook and find healthy recipes that offer nourishment for the mind, body and soul. Finding a balance between exercise, education, creativity, and all other aspects of life is key to manifesting happiness for herself.


Melissa Senez, Can-Fit-Pro PTS
Spitfire Fitness 204

I am a kinesiology student at the University of Manitoba. I am a CanFit Certified personal trainer with a Bachelor of Health Studies degree from the University of Manitoba. My degree has allowed me to focus on health promotion and illness prevention in my community. My knowledge in fitness and nutrition can help my clients achieve optimal health by using a holistic approach to reach their goals. I enjoy using functional training to help my clients in their everyday activities or in sport specific training. I combine high intensity interval training with resistance training to help clients gain muscle and strength while also losing weight. I am St. Johns Ambulance CPR and First Aid certified. My vision is to create solutions to all the excuses we have for avoiding getting healthy. By creating time and fitness strategies my clients are able to see results for a lot longer than the short term fixes. I believe in focusing on all areas of ones health as they will positively compound in other areas of my clients lives. In my free time I like kickboxing, playing volleyball and spending time with family and friends.


Jennifer Spiss, RHN, PTS


Juli Welsh
Juli started taking pole dancing classes at Vivacity Fitness four years ago. What started as curiosity soon became her favourite night of the week. Pole dancing is such a wonderful way to get fit and have fun, so when instructor Linda Klassen asked if she was interested in teaching Juli jumped at the opportunity. Juli has completed MFC Fitness Theory and an apprenticeship with Linda Klassen. Now she is excited to show others the strength and beauty that comes from this great workout and art form!

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